This morning while talking to my closest friend,he mentioned something that got me curious,he said quiet often we marvel at the end products of those we look up to,our role models without actually appreciating the effort,the input behind their successes.

I had nothing to say in defense,because am gulity of the samething,i would find myself admiring a well blossoming flower and my curiosity about the flower never goes as far as “how did it come about?”

Alright i won’t dispute it,its a wonderful thing to draw an inspiration.It stimulates your mind to want to do better,that feeling of enthusiasm to reach the greates heights.Its beautiful.

Now the question is are you willing to walk the talk,to put in the effort,to compromise,to sacrifice yourself,your time,your nights,your comfort zones?You will find it that at times your inspirations requires a lot,your roles models put in so much,they struggled.

So today am saying lets understand our inspirations,know your roles models,appreciate the whole process..Lets first be inspired by the fact that before it was a tree,it was a seed.






How To Date Someone Who Won’t Wear A Mask

I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of emails asking (demanding!) that I write a new Dating Tips post, Modern Philosophers. To be honest, I was confused by the requests.  Wouldn’t it be irresponsible of me to encourage people to date during a pandemic?  Aren’t we supposed to be social distancing to stop the spread of […]

How To Date Someone Who Won’t Wear A Mask

The unfortunate truth,unlike the zebra some of us have to earn our stripes…

Make it your own utmost responsibility,desire to get your own stripes.Be hungry to define yourself.

Unearth the raw you,breakout of your shell to take up space,to be heard,to be seen,to matter.

Strive to get own stripes..

*Stripes to define your beauty. *Stripes to define your talent.*Stripes to define your carrer.*Stripes to define your being.*Stripes to define your purpose.

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Qoute”Everyone is a zebra in their own kind”

Each and every person wears diffirent kind of stripes respectively,they may not be as clear as black and white but the fact remains you have your own kind of stripes.

The world is wired is such a way that my stripes compliment your stripes and yours compliment that of the next person . Therefore each and every one of us should take pride in their own stripes beacuse they serve a purpose.

*Your voice is your stripe.

*Your mere existence in someones life may be your stripe.

*Your career, your talent, that one thing that sets you apart is your stripe.

You are a a zebra in your own kind..Take pride in your own stripes.

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